Rotary hears MAPS 4 transit proposals

Via The Oklahoman 


More people will have more reasons to ride the bus if voters approve MAPS 4, Embark transit Director Jason Ferbrache said Tuesday as he reviewed the proposed $87 million in MAPS 4 transit spending for the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City.

Public transit makes up 9% of the estimated $978 million that would be raised by extending the 1-cent MAPS sales tax for eight years.

Voters will decide Dec. 10.

Ferbrache said Embark buses serve 240 of the 621 square miles within Oklahoma City's borders.

Within that service area, and with MAPS 4 funding, Embark aims to operate more buses more frequently, upgrade bus stops with shelters and lights, and attract more commuters with luxury coaches on bus rapid transit routes from northeast and south Oklahoma City.

Ferbrache said MAPS 4's transit ideas are based on strategies developed starting with 2005's "fixed-guideway study" — a 2030 vision for a robust bus network, bus rapid transit, commuter rail and an option for moving riders efficiently around downtown.

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