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MAPS 4 Project Details

The debt-free MAPS 4 package is comprised of 16 projects in four broad categories: human needs, economic and job-creating initiatives, neighborhood needs and quality-of-life projects.

Other details:

The temporary one-cent City sales tax will begin being collected on April 1, 2020, the day after the temporary one-cent Better Streets, Safer City tax which is already beginning to transform our streets and roadways ends. Collections will last eight years and is expected to raise $978 million in total.

More than 70 percent of the total funding is dedicated to neighborhood and human needs.

Like previous MAPS programs, this package will have oversight from the City Council and a volunteer Citizen Advisory Board.

The Council would have final authority on all projects, but delegate primary oversight to the Advisory Board. The Mayor and Council appoint Oklahoma City residents to serve on the board and its subcommittees.

MAPS programs use cash to fund debt-free, pay-as-you-go project lists. The first year or so of all MAPS programs involves long-term planning and early phases of project design while cash accumulates from the sales tax. 

The Citizen Advisory Board and the Council work together on an implementation plan and timeline for the project list. By the time the sales tax expires, the money is accumulating interest and projects are well under way with planning in the final stages.

The fact that the projects are completed debt-free is a unique way to finance such projects and sets the city in a much better financial position than other peer cities who may more typically use bonds to fund such items, resulting in much greater overall costs that are incurred over a much longer time period due to debt service.

Read the full City Council Resolution of Intent document.