Point of View: MAPS 4 will make better neighbors

Via The Oklahoman 


Oklahoma City’s growth is undeniable, and you can really sense the energy it is creating in so many parts of our city. But at the same time, we see others who need additional assistance.

As our community began the discussion around what future investments we could make that would continue to improve quality of life, I was so excited to see such an intense focus on our city’s neighborhoods and on our neighbors — those very places and people that need our help and our attention.

MAPS 4 will enhance our existing neighborhoods with parks, lighting, sidewalks and trails. Youth centers, an additional senior center to complement those created under MAPS 3, beautification efforts and more are all projects that connect people and provide safe and inviting places for everyone who lives here, even our pets! People love the place they call home and these investments will make everyone’s neighborhood — their home — an even better place to live.

MAPS 4 will also enhance our neighbors who need shelter, jobs, after-school programs, mental health assistance, senior programming, jail diversion programming and much more. It’s not just about what we build, but the people we will build in these spaces. When we invest in people, we are investing in the future of the city in a way that pays dividends for years to come. We may not be able to solve every problem — but we will be able to make a difference for many more of our neighbors and give them a chance at something better.

What is truly invigorating about MAPS 4 is that it recognizes the concept of community and the intertwining of different aspects of our lives. To make Oklahoma City the place we want it to be, MAPS 4 addresses four critical areas that simply cannot thrive without each other. We are helping the economy, enhancing our quality of life, and improving our neighborhoods all while addressing the very real human needs too many are facing.

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