MAPS 4 would raise an estimated $978 million to extend Oklahoma City's renaissance 'to all residents'

MAPS 4 would raise an estimated $978 million over eight years for 16 projects, with spending concentrated on improving the quality of life in neighborhoods throughout Oklahoma City and for individuals caught on the edges of society.

A 10-page "resolution of intent" to be considered by the city council on Tuesday offers hope that public investments can help lift individuals out of the traps of poverty, mental illness, domestic violence and substance abuse, and can point at-risk youth away from crime by enhancing facilities for activities from theater to video games to sports.

The outline developed by Mayor David Holt after months of public input that included sometimes dramatic presentations this summer before the city council by advocates of various initiatives marks a distinct shift from the large downtown construction projects emblematic of MAPS 3.

With the council's consent, plans are to ask voters on Dec. 10 to extend the 1-cent Metropolitan Area Projects sales tax into the next decade, with collections to begin April 1, 2020.

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