MAPS 4 Campaign Under Way

Via VeloCityOKC / The Point

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt and Campaign CoChair Percy Kirk recently announced the formation of the “Love Your OKC Coalition.” The Coalition will campaign in support of the upcoming MAPS 4 initiative to be voted on Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019.

Greater Oklahoma City Chamber President and CEO Roy Williams said the package of projects is the right combination of what the city needs to keep moving forward and is the most diverse package in the long, successful history of MAPS.

“When Mayor David Holt asked the residents to dream big, they certainly did. Now we have a package of incredible projects that will improve the lives of everyone in this city and ultimately the region,” he said.

MAPS is the primary driver of Oklahoma City’s recent cultural and economic renaissance. MAPS has made our community better in so many ways. It has created new public spaces and tranformative facilities, renovated and brought to life cultural and recreational venues, refurbished our public schools, created new transportation and recreation options, enhanced the physical and economic health of our city, attracted and created new jobs and investment. MAPS provided a basis for a newfound sense of pride of what we are and what we in OKC accomplish together.

“MAPS 4 unleashes the power of MAPS into our neighborhoods and into our daily lives, while increasing our quality of life and growing our economy,” said Mayor Holt. “This package meets a broad spectrum of needs and is an amazing opportunity to propel our city forward, continue our momentum, and extend our renaissance to all residents.”

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